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The easiest solution to

Build an Audience

on LinkedIn

We offer multiple minimalistic tools to actually supercharge your LinkedIn usage.


A Toolkit that actually simplifies the way to reach your customers on LinkedIn.


Content Inspiration

Reach a larger audience with authentic content ideas tailored to your desires.


Detect Outreach Opportunities

Build the trust of potential customers by reaching out at the right time.


Post Planning

Strategically time your content with our integrated post planning functionality.


Guide to Grow

Take Growing your LinkedIn Presence seriously with our AI-Coach.


Outreach Personalization

Say the right words at the right time to build connections that prosper.


Competitor Analyzes

Grow faster than your competition and focus on your priorities.


SocialSellin offers a generous free tier that gives you value from day one. If you want to take your growth on LinkedIn seriously choose the PRO tier.


Get all goodies for free, no credit card required.


  • Post Inspirations
  • Find Outreach Possibilities
  • Post Planning


When you grow, need more power and flexibility.


  • All in the free plan plus
  • Outreach Personalization
  • Guide To Grow Presence
  • Send Video & Audio Messages
  • Competitor Analyzes